LAS Reader for ArcGIS

This FREE utility adds LAS Version 1.0-1.3 file read capability to ArcGIS 9 and ArcGIS 10. Point x, y, z, intensity, return and classification values are read from the file and presented as a standard 3-D point data layer which can then be used as input to extensions such as 3-D Analyst.

Download copy of LAS Reader for ArcGIS 9

Download copy of LAS Reader for ArcGIS 10

Installation and Usage Instructions

Be sure to install version 3.5 of the Microsoft .NET Framework prior to installing this plug-in.


PointVue LE

PointVue LE is a FREE 3-D LIDAR visualization tool which can be used to visualize LIDAR data in ASPRS LAS Version 1.1 format.

Download copy of PointVue LE

PointVue LE User Guide


RasterVue LE

RasterVue LE is a FREE light weight image viewer used to display multi-band raster images and allows users to select the RGB channels of multi-band images.

Download copy of RasterVue LE