TrueView Training

When: Monthly
Where: Onsite at GeoCue in Madison, AL or Siegen, Germany
Cost: FREE


Day 1: TrueView Flight Operations and Preliminary Data Processing

This training session offers an overview of the TrueView hardware components, onsite flight demo and TrueView EVO post-processing software workflow and tools.

Day 2: Ground Classification and Derivative Products

  • Adaptive TIN Algorithm – What You Need to Know
  • Working With Point Cloud Tasks (PCTs) (Hands-On)
  •  Accuracy Assessment, Debias and Dealing With Noise
  • Data Smoothing (Hand-On)
  • Automatic Ground Classification (Hands-On)
  • Ground Class Cleanup & Manual Editing Tools. (Hands-On)
  • Classification Strategies, Additional Tools and Macros
  • Data Thinning (Hands-On)
  • Using the Export Wizard 

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