LP360 Cloud

Drone mapping data management portal.

LP360 Cloud Portal

LP360 Cloud , an Amazon Web Services hosted “cloud” platform, is the core element of the TrueView ecosystem. In addition to its function within TrueView, LP360 Cloud is a drone mapping data management solution that gives users an easy way to organize and distribute customer data.

Organize Data & Products

Organize Data & Products

True View Reckon allows users to view a published EVO project and its deliverables in an easy to navigate data management environment. 

  • View 3D LIDAR point cloud data 
  • Create and view customer project sites 
  • View project deliverables such as contours, hillshade, volumes, DEMs
  • Organize project data by site and date
Manage True View Ecosystem

Manage True View Ecosystem

With Reckon, your True View 3DIS system information and files are managed and maintaned through the web. Hardware and software updates are easy to access and install. Calibration and firmware updates as well as current software licences are available through your Reckon account. 

  • Manage True View Points for purchased and subscription 3DIS systems
  • Manage calibration files for sensors
  • Easily access license installation information
Communicate & Deliver

Communicate & Deliver

Give your clients and coworkers access to review and annotate data and download posted products and reports, making final delivery simple and easy.

  • Self manage account by adding, removing and setting permissions for internal users and customers
  • Red lining capabilities of project sites 
  • Issue EVO Explorer viewer to allow clients to review Reckon posted data