Introducing True View 515

Author: Lewis Graham
Published On: March 04, 2021

We released the True View 410 3D Imaging System (3DIS®) in June of 2019.  This really has set the standard for general purpose colorized 3D topographic mapping.  However, it is a bit on the noisy side for survey grade highway operations.  To address this need, we introduced the True View 6xx series in June of 2020.  These 3DIS use the Riegl miniVUX (along with dual mapping cameras, of course), nicely addressing the high accuracy, high precision DOT world. 

Over the years we have been looking for a sensor that would be well suited to dense vegetation and powerline extraction but still priced in the general purpose range.  After extensive evaluation, we found a suitable sensor in the Hesai PandarXT-32 laser scanner.  This is a 32 beam, 640,000 outgoing pulse per second, dual return scanner with pretty solid performance at 90 meters range.  We have integrated this into our True View ecosystem, creating the True View 515.   Figure 1 gives an idea of the True View 515 performance in vegetation as compared to the other members of the True View 3DIS family.  Not only are we seeing superb ground echoes but also extremely detailed mid-canopy returns.  We have joked around internally about this sensor being "vegemite" but it looks like it is earning these stripes!  Ground Detection Comparison True ViewFigure 1: Comparison of Vegetation Penetration Usually when you add channels (beams) to a laser scanner, you sacrifice precision and network accuracy.  Thus we thought the True View 515 would come in with about the same network accuracy (better than 5 cm RMSE, vertical, after debiasing) as the True View 410 but with worse precision (noise).  However, after a great deal of testing, we see the True View 515 coming with precision at least as good as the True View 410, if not a bit better.  Thus we are setting this spec as precision better than 5 cm at 1 standard deviation.  This is quite remarkable for a sensor with this level of density.

Like the True View 410, the True View 515 will be available for purchase as well as subscription (in North American and other regions where resellers support the subscription model).  There is a data set available for download from our FTP site: Login: trueview Password: trueview2019

We are also offering an upgrade path to owners of True View 410 systems who feel the True View 515 might be more suited to the type projects encountered.  Just send us an email at [email protected] for information on the True View 515 and/or upgrade offers.

I am very excited about this new sensor.  I have always believed the True View 410 was the best UAS LIDAR/Imaging system available for under $100,000.  I now think the True View 515 moves in to first place in this category with the True View 410 still holding a strong second!!