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The USGS 3DEP initiative addresses the need for high-quality topographic data of the entire United States through the systematic collection of LIDAR. However, as more and more municipalities receive their 3DEP data, several questions are beginning to arise including--what next?

Join GeoCue Group for an educational session exploring the basics of LIDAR and ways to gain the most from the data.

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Inspecting 3DEP Data with LP360

Join the GeoCue Team for a discussion into the LP360 software and how its utilization helps organizations make the most of their LIDAR data.

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An Introduction to LP360

Low cost drone platforms have become a game changer in small site mapping. However, using these systems for high accuracy mapping continues to be a challenge.

Join the AirGon team as we discuss how the Loki direct geopositiong system for DJI drones and the Bring Your Own Drone Mapping kit enable the production of survey grade mapping products at a low cost.

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High Accuracy Drone Mapping with Loki and the Bring Your Own Drone Mapping Kit

Many workflows can be made more robust by the use of LP360 in conjunction with the Terrasolid software suite. Join the GeoCue Group team as we explore ways to expand Terrasolid processing by using the LP360 software.

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Expanding Terrasolid Workflows Using LP360

This webinar will cover all the steps needed to install the Loki device, collect and field check the data, and post process in ASP Suite. This webinar will start with installing the device on the Phantom 4 Pro and Inspire 2 models. We will also include tips for optimal use. Then we will discuss collecting the data and checking image quality in the field. Finally, we will discuss post processing the data to obtain high accuracy photo positions.

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An Introduction to Loki, AirGon's Direct Geopositioning System

Join AirGon staff for a closer look into the BYOD Mapping Kit and learn how the solution may address your small site mapping needs.

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AirGon Presents: Drone Mapping with the BYOD Mapping Kit

Don’t experience the disappointment of working with poor quality data. No matter what your data sources are, it is vital to perform a quality check. Join us for a session as we demonstrate how LP360 can improve your data processing experience and the value of your end products.

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Special Topics in LP360: QA/QC

This webinar will provide an overview of the new features and development plans for Terrasolid version 017 products. The session will focus on highlights of the new features in TerraScan, TerraModeler, TerraMatch, and TerraPhoto. This webinar is not intended for training purposes but rather an overview of features and capabilities.

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What's New in Terrasolid v017