Join the GeoCue Team to learn how to make the most of your LIDAR data using LP360. 

1:00 PM - 2:00 PM CDT


 Recorded Webinars

Join the GeoCue Team for a discussion into the LP360 software and how its utilization helps organizations make the most of their LIDAR data.

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An Overview of LP360

Join AirGon staff for a closer look into the BYOD Mapping Kit and learn how the solution may address your small site mapping needs.

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AirGon Presents: Drone Mapping with the BYOD Mapping Kit

You have flown the mission. You have collected the data. Now it's time to get results. From control checks to volumetric analysis, join us to see how LP360's robust toolset can help you achieve the most out of your drone data.

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An Overview of LP360 for sUAS

Don’t experience the disappointment of working with poor quality data. No matter what your data sources are, it is vital to perform a quality check. Join us for a session as we demonstrate how LP360 can improve your data processing experience and the value of your end products.

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Special Topics in LP360: QA/QC

This webinar will provide an overview of the new features and development plans for Terrasolid version 017 products. The session will focus on highlights of the new features in TerraScan, TerraModeler, TerraMatch, and TerraPhoto. This webinar is not intended for training purposes but rather an overview of features and capabilities.

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What's New in Terrasolid v017


A Must Attend Event!

This colloquium will teach participants how to do mapping with DJI Phantom 4 Pro and Inspire 2 drones. The lecture will start with an overview of drone mapping and briefly discuss the sweet spots for drone mapping that considers both FAA restrictions as well as the physical capabilities of the Phantom/Inspire drones.   Camera calibration techniques will be presented along with the contribution that calibration makes to overall project accuracy.  The audience will be introduced to new hardware devices and collection techniques that can be used to achieve the centimeters-level positioning necessary to do topographic mapping and differential volumetrics.  The complete data processing workflow from point cloud generation through product creation using elements of GeoCue’s Bring Your Own Drone (BYOD) Mapping Kit will be presented.


Following this colloquium, participants will have a complete understanding of the capabilities of Phantom/Inspire-class drones and the techniques that can be used with these devices to do serious mapping projects.

A registration fee of $125 will be required to attend. Lunch will be provided.

Registration is avilable through Commercial UAV Expo conference registration. Use promotional code AIRGON.

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